Join us in celebrating World Book Month 2023, honouring the prolific author and president of the LoveWorld Nation, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome DSC., D.D. Discover the transformative power of books and make a difference as we nourish our minds and elevate our faith through his Christian Publication legacy. Participate in our exciting activities, including upgrading your bookshelf, the “Read a Book, Gift a Book” campaign, Faith and Fitness outreach, and the Mobile Library initiative. Let’s dive into a world of knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration together!


Celebrating Rev. Chris Oyakhilome DSC., D.D.

Celebrate Rev. Chris Oyakhilome’s impact as a prolific author whose insightful books guide readers on a path to spiritual growth and personal transformation.

Upgrade Your Bookshelf/Upgrade Your Family Bookshelf

Empower yourself and loved ones by building or expanding your personal and family book collection with Pastor’s books, including the RORK, Teens, and Adult Bibles.

Read a Book, Gift a Book

Participate in our “Read a Book, Gift a Book” campaign by pledging to read one of Pastor’s books and sharing the gift of knowledge with someone special.

Faith and Fitness

Join our Faith and Fitness outreach program to unite physical and spiritual fitness, distributing Pastor’s books at gyms, exercise venues, and morning runs.

Mobile Library

Connect with readers beyond the church walls through our Mobile Library initiative, bringing ministry resources to bustling business districts and hosting book fairs.

Celebrate World Book Month and the legacy of Rev. Chris Oyakhilome with us. Be part of a global movement that inspires positive change through reading and the wisdom of a truly visionary author. Let’s embark on this literary movement together and create a ripple effect that will enrich lives for generations to come!