World Book Month Banner

Every year on April 23rd, World Book Day, the LoveWorld Nation celebrates the greatest author of our time, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome DSc. DD, and the impact of his books on the lives of billions of people worldwide. This year is no different! We’re spotlighting our books in various formats, including audiobooks, Braille, and translations.


Our theme this year is “Mission Extricate,” a military term signifying our mission for World Book Month. It’s a rescue operation using The Power of Your Mind

We believe our minds are battlegrounds for three wars: ideological, cultural, and spiritual. The only weapon to win these wars is the mind itself. That’s why World Book Month Centers around the number one resource for mind management: The Power of Your Mind by Pastor Chris.


  1. Mind Management Conferences: Learn about mind management from God’s word.
  2. A Hero Goes To School with The Power of Your Mind: Take copies of the book to students in schools, especially those in their final year
  3. Mind Management Outreaches: Bring mental health awareness to communities.
  4. Mental Health Walk with The Power of Your Mind: Combine physical and spiritual fitness with soulwinning activities.
  5. Translation of The Power of Your Mind into 1500 Languages: Make the book accessible to a wider audience.
  6. Pop-ups and Book Fairs: Enjoy discounts and special offers on our books when you purchase and sponsor in Espees

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