There are millions of people around the world in need of guidance and direction as they navigate their way through their daily lives. These people seek persons with the materials and the information that could help steer their lives in the right direction. That person could be you! This is why we’re introducing to you “The Loveworld Publishing Distributors Network”. By joining the Loveworld Publishing Distributors Network, you can become God’s point-man or woman to make a significant impact in the lives of others.


The Loveworld Publishing Distributors Network creates opportunities for people to become strategic partners and stakeholders in the publishing ministry of our man of God by retailing, showcasing, and introducing books authored by him to all those within their sphere of contact and beyond, thus providing quick access to these life-transforming materials within the shortest possible time.

As a member of this network, you become a partner with the publishing ministry of the Man of God to become the bridge that connects his bestselling books with avid readers around the world within the shortest possible time, matching people’s unique needs with corresponding titles by Pastor Chris on Faith, Prayer, the Holy Spirit, Personal Development and much more, thus providing people with the accurate knowledge of God’s Word they require at every point in time.


Our vision is to make God’s Word readily accessible to all peoples everywhere


Our mission is to build a global army of community connectors (Light Bearers) that will link with individuals and families (Light Receptors) in every community. We’ll make the Gospel of Jesus Christ available in different languages for people of all age ranges everywhere through the life-transforming books by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome D.Sc, D.D.


Our range of products cuts across various age ranges: Adults, Teenagers, and children, with each category having an extensive range of products that caters to people’s unique needs and desires.


  1. You will enjoy the grace of God that comes with partnering with the man of God to reach billions around the World through his published books.
  2. You will enjoy great discounts off our recommended retail price on all Loveworld Publishing products for your city or country.
  3. You will benefit from the opportunity to be recognized and rewarded financially for your monthly retail effort in the Loveworld Publishing monthly retail reward program.
  4. You will also enjoy winning fantastic gift items in our periodic book retail/ distribution challenge for members of the network.


  • Publishing DISTRIBUTORS will be recognized and applauded every month as you automatically become a part of our monthly reward and recognition program.
  • You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in the seasonal distribution challenge for members of the network, where you’ll put all efforts together to reach a particular number of people with a particular book title or book bundle. You’ll stand the chance to win fantastic gifts items.


The minimum discount/commission is 10%. As you distribute higher volumes, you’ll have the opportunity to get more discounts/commissions.


  1. Upon signing up as a distributor, you will be able to download a Loveworld Publishing product catalogue as well as the reward charter (We have a generous tier-bonus calculator and level depending on your country that goes beyond the 45 levels listed in this monthly reward charter) or you can send an email to  to request these.
  2. An account manager will be assigned to work with you based on the tier level you choose, in order to help you with the process, including the processing of your distributor’s discount.
  3. Order the quantity and make payment into the account details that will be provided during your order processing – choose your method of shipment and the books will be delivered to you. Delivery charges may vary depending on your location
  4. Your journey of goodies and rewards begins



Signing up as a Loveworld Publishing Distributor is very easy! It takes only 2 easy steps:

  1. Fill and Submit the registration form online at or request a form by sending an email to:
  2. Request for our product catalogs in your local currency and place your order on any of our numbers or by sending an email to


The distributors Monthly Reward and Recognition program is one that empowers all our distributors financially as it creates for you an opportunity to get applauded monthly for the number of people you reached out to and books retailed within the month.


  1. As a Distributor, you can benefit financially from direct sales of Loveworld Publishing products, taking advantage of our offered discounts on the cover price through the direct and personal sales of our books/products.
  2. You can also benefit from the Loveworld Publishing Distributors reward program where you earn a financial sales bonus based on the total value of our books/products you purchase from our stables within 30days/ one month which we take as an indication of the potential number of people you will be able to reach out to and retail our books/products to within the period.

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You can also contact us for any enquiry through any of the following channels:

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